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We Apply Two Full Rate Applications of Pre-Emergent Weed Control. This is when we'll prevent those harsh summer annual weeds like CRABGRASS!

Custom Spot Spray

Our Custom Spot Treating Weed Control mix is why you will continue to use me every year. This takes care of all the weeds those other guys can't (or simple just wont) Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Foxtail, Etc


We Apply Six Fertilizer Applications. Our Fertilizer is balanced, slow-Release, and contain natural nutrients and minerals. They most environmentally friendly products are always our first and only choice!

Grub & Insect

This is your lawn's insurance! We offer a dual product Grub and Surface Feeding insect control. This is a preventative for grubs, and also will take care of Chinch bugs, bill bugs, and several other insect.

Weed Control

We Apply Two Applications of Post-Emergent Broad-leaf Weed Control. This will keep those yellow things (Dandelions) that come around every spring under control!

Free Service Calls

We really focus on service AND Customer Service with our customers. . Here at Ohio Turf Solutions we do answer the phone when you call and will be out within 48 hours GUARANTEED!