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Perimeter Pest ControlPerimeter Pest ControlThis is most effective way to stop insect invasion into your home. A 3’ up and 3' out liquid insecticide spray barrier is applied to the outside foundation. Our perimeter pest program consists of 4 applications that will reduce the number of ants, spiders, ticks, crickets, mites, and other pests from entering your home or business...

Flea & Tick ControlThese are two of the easier insects to control and are seasonal pests. One or Two (Depending on severity) liquid lawn and tree applications during the active pest season (summer) will protect and control flea and tick populations. Also Communicating with your veterinary doctor about an appropriate flea medicine/ collar for when we are away from home.

Mole ControlTalpirid is our product of choice. Bromethalin (Active ingredient) kills and therefore controls existing mole populations with a few treatments. Talprid mimics the moles favorite food source, earthworms and control of the pest will happen within a few days of ingestion. Typically 2 Applications, 10-15 days apart, will control this Pest.

Grub and Surface Feeding InsectsGrubs can eat your lawn from the inside out by feeding on the solid root structure of your lawn. Years and years of care can all go to ruin with a grub infestation. Grubs often lay waste to large areas, ruining a substantial amount of green space that can require considerable renovation and restoration. We can apply either a preventative or a curative. We highly recommend doing a preventative grub control due to the fact of cost and having to renovate parts of the lawn.

Pest are just what they sound like, PEST!
They bother us, our children, and our animals.
We can quickly take care of these problems with the proper applications.